Avoid harmful habits that could ruin your diet as well as your health

Smoking, excess-alcohol drinking, food rich in saturated fat, sugar and salt, processed and artificial foods don’t stave off disease, but they maintain or even cause it instead.

Poor nutrition and bad habits may lead to serious health conditions such as diabetes mellitus, obesity, heart disease, stroke, liver related and digestive system sickness or imbalances.

The top priority when beginning any diet program should be keeping your health levels in check and not expose yourself to future health damage or factors that may trigger illnesses.

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How to stay fit and improve your looks

Calorie and portion control, changing eating habits, scheduled, balanced and yet nutritious meals, not cheating on your slimming program, a dietitian support and a big personal motivation can help reaching and keeping the desired silhouette for longer time. As a bonus or even as the most important achievement, depending on each individual, shedding extra pounds means reducing the risk of health related issues and also boosting body vitality to new heights.

The energy you can attain from smart eating and daily exercising can be very useful in reducing fatigue and better performing daily tasks, while increasing your productivity at any levels, as a sedentary life can be as dangerous as overeating.

One of the secrets consists in meeting the body’s physiological necessities by intaking low-calorie-dense foods, rich in essential nutrients: “good” omega-3 fatty acids, beneficial antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, high-quality lean protein, carbohydrates and fiber that are vital for the healthy development of all body systems, including the cognitive acuity, as well as for having an overall better mood.

Natural dietary supplements – nature’s help for successful diets

As when processing food many of the essential nutrients are lost, western diets can sometimes lack important vitamins and minerals that the body cannot produce by itself.

Following your dietitian recommendations, the vitamins and minerals deficits can be covered by using high-quality herbal nutritional supplements intake that are considered to be safe. According to the active ingredients’ origin and potency, dosage and administration rules and also your goals, your dietitian can help you in choosing the dietary supplement that best suits your needs.

Nevertheless, the golden rule for external intake of nutritional supplements is that these products are meant to complement a healthy diet and never to replace it.

Healthy diet plans – the tips and tricks

  • Acknowledge your health status before engaging in any diet and ask for medical advice if needed
  • Avoid drastic changes or highly restrictive diets that could derange your metabolism; always start with little steps
  • Eat a diet that includes all necessary nutrients for the body to function properly
  • Learn to manage stress; this way you can also learn to control your appetite and cravings
  • Focus on your goal and try to keep up with your diet rules
  • Eat more fresh food and start consuming bigger amounts of fruits and veggies
  • Avoid sugar, salt, saturated fat, junk food, processed food, artificial additives and flavorings
  • Get enough sleep
  • Plan a suitable workout program, in accordance to your age, health status, goal and body limits, and respect it
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day, as fluid intake is essential for digestion, absorption, circulation, transport of essential nutrients and body temperature regulation, as well as for prevention of tiredness and body detoxification

The Coleus forskohlii extract

coleusPlants are known for their health-related benefits for centuries, as they have been used in many of the world’s cultures as traditional remedies for numerous diseases, for enhancing beauty or boosting body-strength.

Likewise, the Coleus forskohlii plant roots extract serves from ancient times as a body tonic, as an alleviating remedy for different diseases and its extended benefits have been appreciated and used in the Indian, Brazilian and Ayurvedic traditional medicine.

The herbal root extract is called forskolin and it is considered to help treating various health problems like heart disease, high blood pressure, asthma and other respiratory problems, spasms and convulsions, neurological illnesses like epilepsy, hormonal imbalances, liver burn-out and other digestive system related discomforts.

Aside from its health booster properties, the forksolin extract is a valuable tool when it comes to weight loosing, by changing the way your body manages fats deposits and toxins for the best. The resulting metabolic boost leads to increased lean muscle mass due to unlock of naturally occurring of the body’s weight loss mechanisms.

By improving the health of the thyroid gland, responsible for the production of metabolism-controlling hormones, the forskolin naturally intensifies metabolic rates and helps your body regulate fat breakdown by more efficiently burning extra-calories and have extra-energy at the same time.


The science behind the benefits of forskolin extract

The organic forskolin extract in can be the trigger factor for your metabolic rates to go high and your lean muscle mass to start developing. The fat-shedding process is also boosted, due to the cAMP specialized molecule that promotes a better function of the thyroid gland.

The cyclic adenosine monophosphate is an important messenger in many biological processes. It practically transfers into cells the effects of different hormones. By increasing the levels of lipase enzyme, fat store regulation within the cells becomes more efficient.

Other benefits of the forskolin extract come from its ability to increase the body levels of testosterone, leading to enhance in lean muscle mass, for a fit and confident appearance. Also by favoring the thermogenic process, the heat produced will be used to change the fat-muscle mass proportion in favor of lean musculature, while getting more active.


Our top 4 choices

ForskolinFit Pro
pure forskolin extract for better diets

A dietary supplement that helps both men and women improve their dieting efforts, while toning their bodies and building lean muscle mass at the same time

The tropical perennial Coleus forskohlii plant is a type of mint originated from India, Nepal, Myanmar and Thailand.

The herbal extracts of Coleus forskohlii roots have a long history in Ayurvedic and Indian traditional medicine use as a remedy for alleviating cardiovascular, digestive, respiratory and skin diseases, insomnia or even epilepsy and hormonal deficiencies.

The extract called forskolin is a pure natural health boosting tool that is also considered useful for better managing healthy diet plans. ForskolinFit Pro helps dieters smartly build healthier lifestyle habits, while continuously improving their appearance and enhancing their body abilities, energy levels and strength.

ForskolinFit Pro’s supports lean muscle growth, a better weight management process and a superior health level fed by natural ingredients.


ForskolinFit Pro:

  • Helps managing oils and waste accumulation in the body
  • Helps building leaner musculature
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Converts fats into energy, for a more active daily routine
  • Enhances the morale, for a positive mind-set and well invested efforts


Product’s specifications:

  • 20% pure forskolin extract in 250 mg capsules
  • 60 capsules bottle 30 days servings
  • 100% high-quality, pure ingredients
  • No health-damaging side-effects

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Concentration: 250mg
Origin: USA
Discount: Up to 75%
Shipping: 2-8 days
Overall five-stars

Nature’s Pure Forskolin
claim a better health when dieting

The dietary supplement that works from within to naturally help you improve fat management mechanisms and body strength

Now you can change the way your body fights stubborn accumulated fat and help yourself reach new levels of satisfaction and self-confidence.

The wellbeing you’ve never felt before comes from the numerous health effects the forskolin root extract can have over your body: tonus, extra-energy and vitality.

The proper concentration of Coleus Forskohlii root extract in Nature’s Pure Forskolin can have both therapeutic and weight loss effects for anybody who aims leading a healthy life.

Known for both its remedy and slimming agent properties, the forskolin extract boosts your metabolism to better address staying-in-good-shape efforts.

By controlling the mechanism of body-fat management, the all-natural formula triggers naturally occurring hormones to enhance their effect on the lypasis and thermogenesis processes helping your body achieve the desired figure.


The smart Nature’s Pure Forskolin formula includes:

  • 125 mg pure forskolin 10% extract
  • 100% herbal ingredients
  • 60 capsules bottles supply
  • Safe for health, with no added artificial ingredients


Nature’s Pure Forskolin aims to:

  • Better manage fat levels in your system
  • Convert fat deposits into extra-energy to burn during the day
  • Boost metabolic rates for an active lifestyle, by stimulating the production of specific enzymes also responsible for fat tissue management
  • Help you define lean musculature, by naturally increasing testosterone levels
  • Make you satisfied with your new levels of vitality
  • Lower triglycerides levels in your system, for an enhanced cardiovascular activity and a better overall health

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Concentration 125mg
Origin USA
Discount Up to 40%
Shipping 2-8 days
Overall five-and-half-stars

Slim Trim 2000
10% pure forskolin extract

Learn the benefits of the all-natural and safe Coleus forskohlii extract, while increasing body-strength and metabolism, for a perfectly-shaped figure

The Southern Asian Coleus forskohlii plant has been used for centuries in different cultures’ traditional medicine to alleviate specific health conditions. From increasing general body strength to treating high blood pressure, chest pain, asthma, convulsions and liver-related digestive symptoms, the Coleus species is considered to include valuable herbal remedies to boost overall body health.

Slim Trim 2000 is an organic Coleus forskohlii supplement that helps you keep your body in shape, with added advantages various health aspects.

The high levels of forskolin extract in Slim Trim 2000 dietary supplement provide the product with numerous extra-benefits for people that aim to follow healthy diets: allergies, skin disorders, spasms, IBS, over-weight conditions, urinary pain, glaucoma, insomnia and sexual dysfunctions are all conditions that can be alleviated using this natural extract, in addition to its improving cardiovascular and thyroid health, muscle relaxation and fat deposits burning properties. By naturally boosting the metabolism, the forskolin extract complements slimming plans in a concern-free, healthy manner.

As stated before, a proper increase of metabolic rates translates into a better capacity of the body to convert fat into energy and better use its resources to both shed unwanted fat deposits and develop lean muscular tissue for a more attractive silhouette.


Ingredients and indicated dosage

  • Each capsule of Forskolin Slim Trim 2000 contains 10% forskolin in a 125 mg extract.
  • Other natural excipients: gelatin, brown rice flour and magnesium stearate.
  • Dosage for best results: 2 capsules/daily


Summing up Slim Trim 2000 benefits:

  • enhances overall metabolism to burn extra calories
  • helps building muscle mass, for a firmer body
  • improves the skin’s appearance and helps removing cellulite
  • increases body vitality and strength
  • boosts energy levels for a more active lifestyle and a higher self-confidence
  • no added artificial flavors, fillers or chemicals, and no dangerous side-effects


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Concentration 125mg
Origin: USA
Discount: Up to 40%
Shipping: 2-8 days
Overall: 4s

Forskolin 125
key ingredients for smart slimming

When committing to healthy dieting, all-natural herbal ingredients can be valuable tools for elevated metabolic rates as well as extra health benefits

The power of nature and its plants shows us once more the importance of healthy living. A special root extract from the Coleus Forskohlii plant originated in Asia brings both health advantages and dieting benefits for smart slimmers.

Forskolin 125 contains forskolin extract and is specially formulated to ensure proper dieting progress. The unique herbal supplement helps boosting the metabolism and enhances the body’s natural occurring ability to shed extra-fat deposits, while preventing the formation of new ones.  By increasing thermogenesis, the resulted heat and energy is used in favor of the dieter, which translates into higher energy rates, more active workouts and burning of more calories.

  • Fat deposits manager
  • Natural metabolic booster
  • Organic herbal extract for increasing overall health levels
  • Body tonic

The 10% standardized formula is all-natural, health-friendly, with no added fillers, binders and dangerous flavors.



  • 30 capsules bottles
  • 125mg key concentration
  • Standardized 10% Forskohlin extract
  • High-quality, natural formulation
  • Valuable phytonutrients

One capsule of Forksolin 125 in the morning, in addition to a healthy diet plan and an active lifestyle supports a high metabolic rate for better use of body-energy, as well as an enhanced lean muscular mass and body vitality.


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Concentration 125mg
Origin: UK
Discount 25%
Shipping 1-14 days
Concentration 4s